Our challenge was to showcase Forter’s innovative approach to fraud prevention using machine learning.

The video expertly blends on-camera presenters from Forter’s leadership team with custom motion graphics and “real world” game analogies; illuminating this highly complex topic in a captivating way while expressing Forter’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve.


The video campaign was aimed at winning conversions on Facebook and Instagram. Our goal was to introduce Taboola’s value proposition as an effective advertising tool to various types of digital marketing managers.


Our creative task: to seriously disrupt the reality of security officers.
We took the old methods of third-party inspection and poured them into one character.
Meet Gary, the third-party security inspector who does everything the good old-fashioned way.


In computer chips, health care system infrastructure, or as the front runner of quantum computing – look virtually anywhere and you’ll find IBM-made innovation. Our challenge was to dive into five decades of archival footage, select the most representative material, and intertwine it with contemporary motion graphics to build one impactful story celebrating the lab’s 50th anniversary.


It may be hard to believe that even in our digitally advanced era there is no complete digitization of clinical tests. If physicians want to look at a sample in full context to give an accurate diagnosis, they often must physically return to the lab and look for themselves through the lens of the manual microscope – the same one developed in the 19th century.

Scopio’s technology enables full test digitization for the first time, paving the way for a new era of medicine. Our mission was to craft Scopio’s tech-enabled innovation into a compelling story – while articulating its nuances. From scratch and under a time constrain, we created a CGI universe with images taken from Scopio’s platform that help tell this complex story and also explain how truly innovative and revolutionary the product is.