It may be hard to believe that even in our digitally advanced era there is no complete digitization of clinical tests. If physicians want to look at a sample in full context to give an accurate diagnosis, they often must physically return to the lab and look for themselves through the lens of the manual microscope – the same one developed in the 19th century.

Scopio’s technology enables full test digitization for the first time, paving the way for a new era of medicine. Our mission was to craft Scopio’s tech-enabled innovation into a compelling story – while articulating its nuances. From scratch and under a time constrain, we created a CGI universe with images taken from Scopio’s platform that help tell this complex story and also explain how truly innovative and revolutionary the product is.

RavKav Online

This emotional humoristic “farewell to cash” was at the center of a national awareness campaign (B2C) on YouTube and Facebook. The goal was to announce that cash is no longer accepted on public transportation in Israel while promoting Rav-Kav Online – the app for easy fast payments on buses and trains. This video and its shorter versions drew over 1 million views.


Your very own chief of “stuff”, Delegate executes time-consuming personal tasks. We used motion design to illustrate the almost infinite possibilities Delegate has to offer.


In the charged atmosphere of Facebook privacy issues during the Cambridge Analytica scandal, instant messaging app Viber had already implemented its end-to-end inscription. This real-time marketing spot – produced in only one week – featured versions in 14 languages that reached over 4.5 million views worldwide.

Fabric (formerly CommonSense Robotics)

Launch video for the world’s first automated grocery delivery center by CommonSense Robotics (Now Fabric)
The challenge: After getting positive attention from their target audience in retail, the company’s next objective was to prove that their solution is operational. We used the genre of the documentary journalistic piece to build credibility. The story is narrated directly by company leadership as a means to gain authenticity and storytelling credibility.
This video was also published on TechCrunch.

Fabric (Formerly CommonSense Robotics)

CommonSense Robotics launched this video on the stage of the world’s top retail event – “Shop Talk” at Las Vegas: The video paints a funny picture of a future in which fresh groceries are delivered to your doorstep faster than fast food, and yes – that’s CEO and Co-founder Elram Gorem in a cameo as the delivery guy 🙂


An animative spot for “Melio Pay”, the leading product of the fintech unicorn. The video narrative is playful and full while presenting all major product features.


YouTube performance-led infomercial for Become’s Loan Marketplace in collaboration with Google. To maximize the campaign’s effectiveness, we deployed best practice tactics: Key messages all appear in the first five seconds and 12 different versions were created, varying in the opening scene, length, and video dimensions.