Business futurist company helping businesses prepare for the unknown. We created an animated introduction video in 2D. The future is coming. Is your business ready?


3D animation company intro video aimed at both investors and visitors to the company’s website. Become’s mission is to help “dreamers” – small and medium business owners – fulfill their potential by unlocking new funding opportunities.


Intro video for blockchain technology-based “Currency of the Internet”, using animation to tell the story of currencies throughout history. This video served as an effective YouTube campaign for the company launch, with over 700K views.

NextSilicon: Teaser

This is the third video we crafted for the agile hardware technology startup looking to change computing forever, and the first we produced in a CGI collaboration with Yambo studio. The video’s aim was to raise substantial capital to scale the company at speed. NextSilicon recently emerged out of stealth mode with a current estimated valuation of $1.5 billion.

Skyline AI

The first startup to inject artificial intelligence into the undisrupted market of commercial real estate.
Our goal – to achieve resonance among investors and partners. We built a visual world in 3D to express the impact of deep insights and data on the entire real estate industry. Skyline AI was acquired by JLL in August 2021.