It may be hard to believe that even in our digitally advanced era there is no complete digitization of clinical tests. If physicians want to look at a sample in full context to give an accurate diagnosis, they often must physically return to the lab and look for themselves through the lens of the manual microscope – the same one developed in the 19th century.

Scopio’s technology enables full test digitization for the first time, paving the way for a new era of medicine. Our mission was to craft Scopio’s tech-enabled innovation into a compelling story – while articulating its nuances. From scratch and under a time constrain, we created a CGI universe with images taken from Scopio’s platform that help tell this complex story and also explain how truly innovative and revolutionary the product is.

The button

A 2D animative product marketing explainer for the Israeli car safety enhancer – Hakaftor (The button)


Business futurist company helping businesses prepare for the unknown. We created an animated introduction video in 2D. The future is coming. Is your business ready?


Your very own chief of “stuff”, Delegate executes time-consuming personal tasks. We used motion design to illustrate the almost infinite possibilities Delegate has to offer.


We created a series of product marketing videos featuring Payoneer’s various products. We developed a video format and a visual language, and gained credibility by casting a Payoneer worker as a presenter while introducing the product’s content with motion graphics animations.

Hertzog Tech

A video summing up 2020 for a leading tech law firm, working with top tech companies and start-ups – “Herzog Tech”, led by partner Yair Geva.


3D animation company intro video aimed at both investors and visitors to the company’s website. Become’s mission is to help “dreamers” – small and medium business owners – fulfill their potential by unlocking new funding opportunities.


Intro video for blockchain technology-based “Currency of the Internet”, using animation to tell the story of currencies throughout history. This video served as an effective YouTube campaign for the company launch, with over 700K views.